I strategically consult, coach, and advise ambitious women on how to create their unique imprint in this world and use legal documents to protect their legacies. As a result of working with me, my clients feel empowered, have peace of mind, and live a more fulfilled life.

Attorney, Carmen Rosas, was born and raised in the bay area. A proud mix of Mexican, French, and Italian, she grew up fascinated by her grandmothers’ stories of living in Mexico, arriving in America and settling in California. even at a young age, Carmen was fascinated by other cultures and the development of languages and communal systems, which led her to study Anthropology at Santa Clara University. during her sophomore year, she even interned at the Public Defender’s Office- Juvenile Division in Washington D.C..

Carmen Rosas | Carmen Rosas, Esq

Ways To Work With Me

Take back your time, we’ll take care of peace of mind.

Protect your Assets | Carmen Rosas, Esq.

Protect Your Assets

With the right legal documents, you will be able to protect your family, business, and all that you’ve worked so hard for.

Create your Legacy | Carmen Rosas, Esq.

Create Your Legacy

Gain clarity around the imprint you want to leave in this world and the stories you want to be told about you. Take a journey of self-discovery.

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Noelia-C | Carmen Rosas, Esq.

I called Carmen to consult regarding a legal matter and she was very, very helpful. She took the time to listen and genuinely seemed to care. Once I’m ready I’ll definitely be contacting her for all of my legal matters and will recommend her to friends and family.

Noelia C.

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