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Attorney, Carmen Rosas, was born and raised in the Bay Area. A proud mix of Mexican, French, and Italian, she grew up fascinated by her grandmothers’ stories of living in Mexico, arriving in America and settling in California. Even at a young age, Carmen was fascinated by other cultures and the development of languages and communal systems, which led her to study Anthropology at Santa Clara University. During her sophomore year, she even interned at the Public Defender’s Office- Juvenile Division in Washington D.C..

Carmen’s comparison studies of the U.S. legal system and tribal systems in New Zealand, as well as her interest in policy change, led her to law school

Following this inspiration, she grew her legal skills and began working with three prominent Bay Area law firms while also volunteering with the Pro Bono Project of Silicon Valley.

While studying for the California bar exam,  Carmen’s grandmother became ill and sadly passed away. This was Carmen’s first time having to face death and the legal formalities that unfortunately came along with it. Not only was she having to grieve for her grandmother, but at the same time she was also having to handle the estate plan which proved to be exhausting, stressful and expensive. Losing her grandmother taught her the importance of planning ahead and preparing, not only yourself, but also your loved ones for your passing. It taught her that life is short and we all need to live it with no regets and on our own terms.Though this time was a difficult one in her life, it inspired Carmen to help others who were struggling with similar situations.

Today, and after years of extensive knowledge and building an unbreakable passion for helping others, her focus is on empowering women to take control of their lives, even beyond the grave. 

About | Carmen Rosas, Esq.
About Carmen | Carmen Rosas, Esq.

Her focus is on helping women plan and protect their families from the added stress of expected and unexpected death. Losing a loved one is never going to be easy, but Carmen goes above and beyond in helping you through the estate planning process, which will give you the control and peace of mind you need to enjoy your life with family and friends, for many more years to come. 

Soon after starting her law practice in 2012, Carmen began her journey into personal and spiritual development.

Through her published articles with HuffPost, Forbes, the Penny Hoarder, Mamiverse, Modern Latina, and Blogs By Latinas, Carmen is able to expand her reach, guidance, and legal advice across the country. Whether you are on the other side of the U.S. or one of her Californian neighbors, her goal is to assure that you, your family and business are always protected through life’s good and bad times. 

Outside of this and her career, Carmen enjoys hiking, shopping at local farmer’s markets, and gardening. More than anything, she loves to travel, experience new cultures, and above it all, spend her free time with her beautiful daughter.

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“What’s her story”

Taz D | Carmen Rosas, Esq.

I used Carmen’s firm for my Estate & Trust. I have two small boys and I couldn’t sleep knowing that I didn’t have a plan in place just in case something happened to me. Carmen made everything easy for me and put things in terms I could understand. I sleep so much better now knowing that my Estate is in order and my boys will be taken care of. I can’t thank Carmen enough for my peace of mind. Taz D.

Taz D.

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If you were gone tomorrow, what legacy would you leave behind? You are a QBIC – a Queen Bee in Charge. You are smart, capable, and ambitious. You’ve accomplished a lot in this world already, but you know your story is far from over, and you want to make sure it’s unforgettable. This easy-to-follow guide will help discover who you are and what your story is, giving you clarity and insight into creating your own legacy. With this unique process, you’ll learn how to build a foundation of personal and financial wellness, so you can create the kind of legacy every Queen Bee deserves. Carmen has spent her career helping women to empower themselves through coaching and legal tools. In the QBIC’s Guide to Creating a Legacy, she walks you through a process of self-discovery, self-love, identifying limiting beliefs, and goal-setting, while covering the essentials to protect your family, assets, and overall legacy through estate planning. It’s time to define and protect YOUR unique legacy in this world.

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