Build Your Own Legacy: Top 5 Meaningful Reasons Why You Should Do It

Why do you need to build your own legacy? We live in a world that is greatly influenced by the legacies of others. You may also agree that you reached what you have right now because of a person that leaves your motivation, inspiration, and a meaningful impact. Because of the chaotic situation around us, many people want to make a change for something better in the world.

Are you one of those people who contemplate the possibility of making a lasting change through the use of building your own legacy? Are you one of the women who are aiming to make a difference? Is it still possible to leave a powerful effect on your family, community, or even in the world, considering that there are stigmas around you that stereotype men are more powerful than women?

If you want to get the most real answers to those questions, reading through this article may be the best option for you. To start, we will talk about three vital questions:

  • What is the legacy?
  • What are the reasons to build your own legacy?
  • How can you make your own legacy?

What is the legacy?

What is the Legacy | carmen Rosas, Esq.

The basic definition of the word “legacy” is anything handed down from the past. It could be an amount of money, a property, or a gift. However, it is not always about material things. Tangible legacies do not have the full assurance to last in a very long time.

Just like money, it could be spent and gone sooner as time goes by. A legacy could also be about lessons, convictions, and traits to influence the generation you leave behind.

By creating a lasting legacy, you are not just making memories for the people that will take after you. Instead, you build a meaningful impact to make a change to their lives – whether it will affect them positively or negatively.

Some people initially think that a legacy is somewhat related to death. However, building your legacy is about life and living. It helps us choose the kind of life we want to have and set everything in a relentless direction.

Top 5 Meaningful Reasons to Build your Own Legacy

1. The real “life after death”

When you build your own legacy, you are designing a house that you will never get to see or live on. A legacy invariably linked to the end of life. It is something related to inheritance or heritage that was transferred from one’s ancestors. No matter how much we want to live, we understand that death is inevitable. However, a physical presence might disappear, but legacies won’t.

In creating a legacy, there is something left that marks people’s minds and hearts. We may not be aware of it, but every action we do, no matter how small or big it is, we can create legacies that people will always remember. A legacy is the only thing that will remain immortal. So, what do you want to be remembered for that would last forever?

2. Changing one’s way of life

“The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example” – Benjamin Disraeli.

When you build your legacy, it is not like a souvenir that you bought from a tourist destination to reminisce about the place from time to time. It is more than only a memory. It can create meaningful impacts that could affect your way of thinking and your way of living.

Changing one’s way of life | Carmen Rosas, Esq

Making a good legacy is the most powerful thing you can do in your career and life. You can have control in the future, even if you are already out of the picture.

However, when you build your own legacy, it is not always about the end; it can actually affect you today. The reason is that it will help you to strive for the better and to be motivated for you to create a powerful impact on others’ lives.

3. Living with satisfaction and contentment

Though legacies usually affect the future, a person who is building their own legacy could actually get an advantage even today.

As we talked a while ago, a legacy is not always about inheriting houses, cars, businesses, money, or other material things. Those kinds of gifts may be beneficial for a day but, eventually, go as time passes.

Building a lasting and powerful legacy can be done by making your life simple and focusing on life’s essential things. To make a good legacy, you need to create purposeful connections with others, appreciate the inner beauty of life, and cultivate spiritual growth.

While the creation of legacy is still in process, it will promote satisfaction and contentment in your life that gives you genuine happiness in your present times.

4. Discovering more about yourself

Discovering more about yourself | Carmen Rosas, Esq.

Do you happen to travel abroad without planning?

We tend to create an itinerary plan, check the expenses, know the country’s culture that we want to visit, and prepare for your accommodation. Indeed, we need to exert extra effort to learn more about what we want to do for the future.

Likewise, if you want to create an impact tomorrow, you must know what kind of legacy you can prepare for today. When you build your legacy, you will discover more about yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses. It can help you determine your capabilities and what you can contribute to future generations.

5. Promoting generosity

As Nelson Henderson stated,

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

A legacy is a product of a beautiful act of giving. You are creating something for others even though you may not be able to get a benefit from it.

promoting-generosity | Carmen Rosas, Esq.

When you build your legacy, you are now focusing on the bigger picture. Your mind’s focal point is not what you want today, but also what you want for the next generations. You tend to concentrate on making sacrifices to contribute to your loved ones or even for someone you do not know.

Can you make a difference?

We already talked about what a legacy is and why you should make one for your own. To sum it up, creating a legacy will not just be beneficial for others, but it could also be advantageous for you. It is not only about affecting others in the future but also discovering the best version of yourself today.

We discussed what’s and why’s of this matter, now the question is: HOW – how can you make your own legacy?

For others, this may seem daunting, especially for women.

Additionally, you possibly feel that you do not own something that you can give to others, or maybe you already know what you want to do, but you do not know how to start.

can you make a difference? | Carmen Rosas, Esq

If you feel stuck in making a first step in building your own legacy, you need someone who will guide you to start and will motivate you along the process.

Legacy coaching sessions with Carmen Rosas will help women like you figure out your purpose and what kind of legacy you can contribute to the world. She can also help you to maintain what you have learned and to continue working towards your goals

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