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Estate Planning

Protecting your legacy allows you the
FREEDOM to live on your terms

Whether it’s protecting your family or your business, I’ve got you covered. 
I work on a flat fee basis, speak human and am excited to be in your corner to help you make an impact on the world.

This is your life. Do it your way.

Estate Planning

What would you do if you knew you could protect your children and money from beyond the grave?
Guess what?! You can.

By creating an estate plan you protect your children and loved ones and decide where your assets and hard earned money go when you’re no longer around or are incapable of dealing with it all yourself (and I’m not talking about one of thos

What I will tell you is this- Estate planning isn’t about you. It’s about the people you love and those left behind when you’re gone.

In an emergency or upon the death of a loved one, emotions run high. Don’t leave it to the courts to decide your family’s future. Don’t open pandora’s box and let the fighting ensue.

Empower yourself and your family to stay in charge and have peace of mind.

Our office understands life gets busy. That’s why our office works with your from the comfort of your own home. With our secure online portal, zoom and email, we get all of your estate planning needs done. And out team guides you each step of the way.

Ready to get started with designing a plan perfect for you and your family? 

Estate Planning Packages

The ESSENTIALS for Individuals | Carmen Rosas, Esq

The ESSENTIALS for Individuals

This is the most popular package for individuals. If you're new to estate planning, this one's for you. The Essentials Package for Individuals includes everything you need to check that "estate planning" box on your to-do list. Included are:


The ESSENTIALS for Couples | Carmen Rosas Esq

The ESSENTIALS for Couples

Are you married? Then this package is for you. It includes the estate plan Essentials for both spouses. With the Essentials Package for a Married Couple, we ensure that your planning goals and objectives are fully coordinated with those of your spouse for one comprehensive, coordinated plan. This package includes, for each spouse:


Estate Planning Essentials Package | Carmen Rosas, Esq

Add a Trust to your Essentials Package. Include a trust in your plan for a number of additional benefits.

Trusts are a great fit in a number of situations to ensure that your estate plan efficiently and effectively accomplishes your objectives and simplifies its administration in the event of your death or disability. Situations when a trust can be particularly beneficial include:


Estate Administration

Assistance with estate administration is available in certain circumstances and can be billed either hourly or as a flat fee. Fee varies on a case-by-case basis.


*Indicates simple wills with no tax planning or trust provisions. Fees may be higher depending on the complexity of your unique circumstances. We will always quote you a flat fee rate before starting any work on your behalf. Click here to contact us for a quote. Listed fees are subject to change.


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Still Don’t Know Where To Start?

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. The world is waiting for what you have to offer! Book a strategy session here and the cost will be credited to any future legal services you need.

Mary V. | Carmen Rosas

We decided to pay Carmen a visit regarding our estate planning as the lawyer we had been working with, never got back to us regarding updates or even gave us a completed copy of our Estate Plan. Carmen was able to step in and help us update our plan in a timely manner and we were given a copy of the completed plan with all the information on a CD all within a timely manner.
Carmen is friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Mary V.

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