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This is what my clients experience after working with me.

Laura A.
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Highly recommend Carmen, she has helped several of my clients forming trusts and assisting me with legal estate issues, her knowledge and know how are crucial part of financial planning. She also created my parents medical directive and will.

Cost wise I feel she is VERY reasonable, I have worked with countless attorneys and it is very frustrating to see how much prices can vary for the very same services. this is one of the areas that set her apart. She is extremely professional, flexible, and True to her word.

As in many things trust plays a key role. I trust Carmen, enough so to recommend her to my very best clients and families. And of course use her services myself! For me this says a lot..
Taz D.
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I used Carmen's firm for my Estate & Trust. I have two small boys and I couldn't sleep knowing that I didn't have a plan in place just in case something happened to me. Carmen made everything easy for me and put things in terms I could understand. I sleep so much better now knowing that my Estate is in order and my boys will be taken care of. I can't thank Carmen enough for my peace of mind.
Tin-Tin E.
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I came to Carmen with my estate planning issues. She is very knowledgeable and helped guide me in making some tough decisions. Her blog is also super helpful in answering a lot of questions I never even considered!
Monica S.
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I’ve always been strong and confident but having experienced significant family deaths since childhood, I developed a deep seeded issue surrounding loss. Before taking Carmen’s class, I had no idea how many aspects of my life were affected by my loss issue. My desire to “uncover the unknown within me” was very well served by Carmen’s exercises. I was able to better understand who I am “who I am, why I am, what my limiting beliefs were, and how to convert my thoughts into self love. The money segment uncovered beliefs I did not know were holding me back and I am in the process of completing the estate planning my husband and I began with her 7 years ago. I’m building wealth by making more intentional decisions and I’m writing my future. All of my personal relationships have benefitted from working on myself, and my goal next year is to level up professionally. I’m building the foundation for my next success, thanks to Carmen’s guidance. She is magic!!!
Maria Calderon
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I have had several aha moments as well as takeaways these last couple of weeks with you. One of the most obvious one being that I am still unconsciously believing stories about myself for my childhood, which I thought I had moved past from. These have definitely affected me in my decisions and the way that I think about myself when it comes to both professional and personal areas in my life. I was also shocked to see how I have been sending mixed signals out to the universe because of this. A part of me knows better and knows I deserve greatness but the other part of me is still holding on to those past negative stories. I have definitely been more mindful of, not only what I speak but also my thoughts and what I am putting out in the universe. I have been able to start accepting compliments and not being embarrassed and feeling undeserving of them; as well as checking myself when I am cheering myself on and immediately after, negative thoughts creeping up. I still have a lot of work to do but I am well prepared for the journey. I always hear you Carmen, saying "what's the worst that can happen?
Mari P.
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Before working with Carmen I was stressed out, in a funk and constantly having fights with my significant other. My anxiety levels were high and I hardly got any sleep. I have been working with Carmen for nine months and my life has had so many shifts. My relationship with my husband, family, friends and my peers has shifted. I went from being stressed out to being at peace with myself and loving life. Friends and family that I haven’t seen in years tell me that I look younger and happier. This is the best investment that I have ever made in my life! If you are ready to create the life that you have always wanted to have but are afraid to create it, you need to work with Carmen!
Miriam O.
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Working with Carmen sparked a maelstrom of change in my life. Not just a blimp in the radar change either. I started working with Carmen at time when I was at the end of my rope, exhausted, and stuck in a soul sucking job. Fast forward to today and I’ve started my own law practice, shattered old belief systems, and opened the door to a new way of thinking that allows me live life on my own terms. But don’t get it twisted, there was hard work involved! Carmen’s program provided me with the tools, guidance and coaching to do it. I cannot recommend her program enough. Just remember to buckle up because you’ll be going places you never imagined!
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I have been working with Carmen for a little over a month now... I really wasn’t sure what I wanted out of it or what to expect. In this short time she has been a tremendous help for me personally and professionally. She is genuine and real and tells me what I need to hear. My talks with her leave me feeling inspired and motivated to go for it, reach my goals, and dream big for myself. I’ve been a little stagnant and complacent with my life because overall it’s pretty great. But she challenges me and dares me to dream for more for myself and gives me the support to achieve it. -thank you so much I just got a little teary writing this.
Lauren H.
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I am SO thankful I met Carmen!! She came into my life during a very difficult time and when I was in serious need of guidance. She is very kind, fun, non- judge-mental and allowed me to come to my own conclusions about issues happening in my life. She is incredibly supportive and is always available should a life emergency arise- which they tend to do from time to time! She has been “exactly what I never knew I needed and so much more. Now, when I am doubting myself, or feel unhappiness and insecurity creep in, I can imagine exactly what she would say to me in that situation and now I can say that to myself. I am forever grateful to Carmen and all her incredible guidance!! She is an amazing life coach and was absolutely meant to do this work!

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