A Virtual Summit

January 30, 2021

We are on a mission to
EMPOWHER 100 women this year!

2021 is the year you become wealthier in mind,
body, soul and finances.

WealthyHER encourages the development of the whole woman. This is for the woman ready to take control of her life and finances.

Hear from leading attorneys, financial advisors, wealth builders, real estate agents, money managers, health and wellness consultants, and mindset coaches, as we gather to discuss how to become WealthyHER, diversify your investments and build a legacy on your terms! This year we are making money moves in our health, wealth, and legacy.

Whether it is to introduce you to new ways to approach wealth, meet individuals to help you grow or to ask questions to expand your knowledge, everything is possible at WealthyHER!

This will be the best investment of time you can make this year!

incredible people

Our Speakers

Herminia E Ojeda

Financial Advisor

WealthyHER Virtual Summit (Itzel) | Carmen-Rosas-Esq

Itzel Baeza

Life Insurance Agent

Mariagna Preciado

Founder of Citrine Wealth Solutions

WealthyHER Virtual Summit Elaine | Carmen Rosas Esq

Elaine Fonseca


Amy Goldizen

Strategist and Consultant

Miriam Cruz

Women Empowerment Coach and Founder of Miriam Speaks

WealthyHER Virtual Summit (Tiffany) | Carmen Rosas, Esq.

Tiffany McNeely

Founder of L.I.V.E. Mama

WealthyHER Virtual Summit (Kerry) | Carmen Rosas, Esq.

Kerry Rosado

Founder of Dyvergent Consulting Group

WealthyHER Virtual Summit (Miriam Ortiz) | Carmen Rosas, Esq.

Miriam Ortiz

Business Attorney at MOR Law

WealthyHER Virtual Summit (Jen) | Carmen Rosas, Esq.

Jen The Rainmaker

Chichimeca Dream Warrior Descendant and Founder of DreamYOU University

WealthyHER Virtual Summit (Shareen) | Carmen Rosas, Esq.

Shareen Rivera

Ghostwriter & Founder of Rising Above Publishing

30th January 2021


A Virtual Summit

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