What is Life Coaching? – Origin and Benefits

Have you ever experienced getting into a situation where you think about the question ‘what is life coaching’ and how can it help you put your life in the proper direction? Life coaching is a trade that encourages someone to discover their weaknesses and learn how to overcome those. It is more than therapy, counseling, or just giving tips and bits of advice. 

Life coaching is a process where a professional will support you in:

  • turning your fears into eagerness
  • letting go of the load that draws you back
  • modifying the frame of one’s mind
  • face unwanted failures
  • and to continue reaching your life ambitions.

This could be new to you, or you have not heard about life coaching before.  This article will see the details that you need to know about it and where it all starts.

It can also help you think if getting a life coach would be worth trying and would be useful for you.

Origin of life coaching

When we hear the word ‘coaching,’ people would usually think about sports. It is not just about teaching the fundamentals of a particular sport’s rules because trainers handle beginners and people who are already good at that activity. Skilled athletes also need guidance in having a proper attitude and perspective towards their chosen sports as their motivation might fluctuate as time goes by.

origin of coaching | Carmen Rosas, Esq.

Given this, the principles in sports coaching can also be applied to general life. To win in a sports competition, one must have understood the formula for attaining victory by knowing how to play the game. It also applies in life, which people need to comprehend the blueprints and procedures that will lead them to success. 

Because of this idea, many wisdom books were created in ancient times by sages, philosophers, and scholars to urge others to be good or even best in something. Famous thinkers like Plato, Aristotle, Confucius, and many more had a massive influence in the old-time but even today.

Life coaching’s origin was perhaps started in the principle of encouraging and supporting others to improve as a natural aspect of human interaction. 

Life coaching was further developed in the 1980s by an American financial planner, Thomas Leonard. Because he was in the field of business and investments, he noticed that his clients needed assistance to organize their financial assets and help them arrange their lives and achieve their goals. 

He wrote an innovative book, The Portable Coach, that has a collection of his ideas and strategies that help a lot of people today to guide their success. He developed this for the professional coaches at Coach University. In addition to that, he included his sets of strategies about developing wisdom through psychology, building enthusiasm in one’s life, thriving personal growth, proper management consultation, and career counseling. 

As a result, Leonard extended his career from:

  • planning his clients’ financial assets to planning their lives
  • developing the strategies and techniques that he eventually called “life-planning.”
  • training people to apply those methods
  • Eventually, founded a training program for aspiring coaches in the early 1990’s.
Thomas Leonard | Carmen Rosas, Esq

Leonard created a large number of professional life coaches. He took a significant role in implementing the idea that well-trained and experienced life mentors can be a big plus to an individual and business industry.

How can life coaching help you?

If we encounter hardships in life and seek advice, we usually call our family or close friend. Well, they may indeed have a wide range of experiences in life that they can share with you, and you might think of them being enough to help you.

However, they just based their advice on their own experience and depending on their personality and circumstances, but we all know that one size cannot fit all people. A step might be practical to your buddy, but not to you.

As we are talking about a while ago, Thomas Leonard created strategies to help someone needing guidance in life. This conveys that life coaches do not use only one style or approach for every client. They are professionally trained to adapt their varied methodologies that will perfectly suit their character and viewpoint in life. 

A well-known practical proverb says: “When anyone replies to a matter before he hears the facts, it is foolish and humiliating.” Thus, life coaches will listen to their clients first and understand their disposition and character before providing appropriate aid.

A coaching session may start in a simple conversation to determine the client’s perspective, their reasons for getting a coach, and their goals.

One of the common approaches used by life coaches to their clients is what they call a holistic approach.

  • It is said to be one of the most effective styles of coaching.
  • It teaches people about a theory that all events are related to each other.
  • A life mentor can help clients to see a better perspective in the world and make them feel more balanced in all areas of their life.

What are the benefits of life coaching?

What are the benefits of life coaching | Carmen Rosas, Esq.

You might have seen an ad on Instagram that promotes life coaching. It made you become curious about what life coaching is and if it would be advantageous for you. Or it possibly caught your attention because, at some point, you felt that you might need guidance or motivation from a professional.

Whatever is the reason we have got something for you in this article. You might wonder if it would be worth a try. Below you can see a list of advantages of getting a life coach. Let us take a look and see if it would be the right decision to get one.

Stimulate self-awareness

You cannot change what you cannot see. Before you go outside, you usually check yourself in the mirror if you are already looking good, or there is something dirty or wrong in your face. In the same manner, life coaches can be your mirrors. They can help people to identify their strengths and recognize our flaws.

The art of self-awareness will make you knowledgeable of your impact on others. It will help you to improve your weaknesses and overcome your fears. Once you do not know your fragility, you will not know how to deal with it.

Self-awareness also means knowing what you can do and what your capabilities are. A life coach will help you scrutinize yourself and understand yourself even more.

Promotes self-confidence

We talked about being aware of your weakness can help you to improve. But it does not mean that your coach will point out all your negative traits. A life coach can help you discover your talents and capabilities and help you to perform it confidently.

promotes self-confidence | Carmen Rosas Esq.

An anonymous person says, “It is not what you are that is holding you back. It is what you think you are not”. You might be good at some craft, but you tend to avoid starting a step because of your doubts and fears. Life coaches’ role is to help you shift that kind of thinking, and they will motivate you to practice what you enjoy doing.

Accomplish goals

How many checkmarks do you have in your bucket list? 70%? 10%? Or are you still afraid to make a first step in reaching them? Ten years from now, do you see yourself living without regrets? Do you see yourself today as you imagined ten years ago?

We all want to aim at the things that we always wish, but it is easier said than done. We might have the urge to push for it, but we do not know where to start. Or maybe we already started but got out of the track along the way. One of the life coach’s roles is to help clients achieve their ambitions and keep them motivated along with the progress.

Proper management of money

Poor financial management will undoubtedly lead to a disastrous future. Having a considerable value of bucks will make you blindly overspend it. Even if it is for an individual or a business corporation, learning how to spend the financial assets properly will secure stability and soundness.

Understanding your financial state might look complicated and intimidating. You might struggle to apply the tips that you searched from Google. A life coach has comprehensive knowledge about money matters. They can help clients sort your necessities from wants and support them in having good financial health. They can also give a hand to families who are struggling to organize their budgets.

Encourage work-life balance

Based on research, 80 percent of workers are experiencing stress and pressure. Instead of being productive and efficient in their job, they are lacking eagerness and draining their enthusiasm. As a result, they will feel unsatisfied for a long time, and they will have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships with their family and work peers.

The benefit of getting a life coach is they can help you to manage your time correctly and to set priorities. Coaches can also assist employers in cultivating a happy workplace environment. They will educate you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing your work productivity.

Types of Life Coaching you can choose from

You will buy a pair of shoes if it is your size. Likewise, you will get a type of life coach that suits your needs. All kinds of life coaches can help you, but getting a coach with the specific niche you need can give more effective strategies because they spend more time studying that particular aspect. Below are the types of life coaching you can choose from.

1. Business Coaching

Business coaches will be beneficial for you if you are or are planning to become an entrepreneur. They can guide you by evaluating the right business and identifying if it is feasible in your desired area. You will also learn how to manage your business and handle employees if you have any. They can also educate you to keep your balancing your personal and family matters while successfully running your business.

2. Career coaching

If you are indecisive in what career you should take, getting a career coach is the right choice. They can assist you in realizing your passion and use to pursue it as a career. If you are not enjoying your job every day, career coaches will help you understand if you need to adjust your working attitude or it is time to shift your walk of life.

Career coaching also includes helping employers to implement a healthy and productive work environment. They can conduct programs that develop a proper working attitude and create a good relationship between workmates. 

3. Personal empowerment coaching

This field is one of the most general types of coaching. Personal empowerment coaches aid clients to detach from their doubts and holdbacks. They also encourage people to achieve their goals, identify their potential, and develop the best person you can be for yourself and others. 

Empowerment coaches help clients to set priorities, create decisions, and put dreams into actions. They assist in recognizing your abilities and limitations and living a satisfying life from it. They uplift others to have self-esteem and self-confidence.

4. Wellness coaching

Wellness coaches are likely healthcare professionals or fitness instructors. They handle clients that demand for getting and maintaining a healthy physical, mental, or emotional state.

5. Relationship coaching

We are living in a diverse environment. For this means, all of us might be struggling to get along with the people around you. This type of coaching applies to individuals who are having a hard time to fix problems with somebody or to improve good communication with others.

Relationship coaches help clients who are having trouble with their marriage and help them rebuild the bond that couples used to have. They can help you to remove toxic relationships and keep the ones that are healthy. No matter what kind of relationship you want to fix, professional, familial, or intimate relationships, this is a type of coaching that is appropriate for you.

6. Financial Coaching

A financial coach can guide you on how to manage your financial assets properly. They encourage clients to make suitable investments and to aim for financial security in the future. This type of coaching could also be beneficial for businesses and companies. 

In addition to that, clients struggling to budget their money can also find financial coaching as an advantage. Coaches can help them to set their priorities and avoid overspending on unnecessary things. They can also teach individuals to save money and invest in getting insurance for emergency or health purposes.

There are a lot more niches of life coaching. These lists do not even reach half of those. However, these are the most popular types of life coaching that can help you as an individual or a business owner. No matter what kind of life coach will it be, they have the same motives. It is to help.

Final Thoughts

Now that you reached this part, I guess you have answers to the question, “what is life coaching?”. We did not just talk about the basic definition, but we dug deeper into most essential details.

Life is full of challenges and discouragements. Money, career, health, and even ourselves can be chaotic. If one of these matters is your case, getting a life coach could be the wisest choice for you. It can be a lifesaver for you today until the following tomorrow.

Many people proved that they are already having a fulfilling life after they signed up for a life coaching session. Do you see yourself as one of them? You will never know unless you try.

By acquiring life coaching programs with Carmen Rosas, you will receive perpetual guidance that helps you clarify your purpose, handle stresses and anxieties, and provide a framework for understanding your direction in life.

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